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3 Ways that Audio Solutions Can Contribute to a Smarter and Safer City

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In the discussions around smart cities – there are different types of sensors to more efficiently manage a city’s resources – the role of audio can sometimes be overlooked. In reality, audio can be used as a valuable compliment and even an alternative to cameras or other IoT sensors in cities.

Selecting a modern connected audio system can ensure that the important communication take place at right time, in the right place and with the sound quality needed to keep citizens safe and secure.  Here are three principal scenarios when audio solutions can contribute to a smarter and safer city:

1. Sound detection

Many security incidents in a city are preceded or initiated by some kind of noise, for example aggressive behavior and raised voices, gunshots or breaking glass. Today’s solutions can automatically detect and recognize pre-defined sounds and send alerts for potential and real incidents as they occur.

Surveillance cameras in combination with sound detection capabilities can add great value to security systems covering public spaces, like a park or square. The combination of sound and video can be a powerful solution to both detect and verify a situation, and enable quick, relevant action to minimize the consequences.

2. Emergency announcements

Each year many cities are exposed to emergency situations, such as natural disasters. In situations like this it is important to inform citizens as soon as possible and guide them in order to keep people safe. With audio speakers its possible to reach people in selected zones quickly and effectively.

The audio announcement systems are often installed to prepare cities for emergency situations. In the case that something happens, it is crucial to have a reliable and working system. With the right network speaker solution, the condition of the system and audio quality is under full and constant control, ensuring that messages are delivered as clearly as is necessary in an emergency situation.

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Andrea Sorri

Andrea Sorri helps put the 'smart' in Smart Cities for Axis, where he is responsible for key market segments, including Government & Critical Infrastructure & City Surveillance. A ten year veteran of Axis, he is based in the company's Lund, Sweden headquarters but has also worked in Cyprus, Malta and Israel.