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A Way Forward for Sustainable and Resilient Cities During COVID-19 and Beyond

Carnegie Mellon University, Metro 21: Smart Cities Institute

March 26, 2021


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Tackling the Digital Divide in Philadelphia


Suzhou: A City on the Fast Track


Trondheim: The Value of Collaboration



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may 25

bringing the crowds back

The pandemic forced a reset in how we run crowded public spaces of all types. But it's time to bring back crowds. And that's a huge opportunity to build a customer experience that's better than ever before. CityAge, in collaboration with Populous, will look at how cities and major venues are preparing for a new era.

june 1

CityAGe: Las vegas

Las Vegas is on the forward edge of America’s growth.  It grew out of the desert to become America’s 24/7 entertainment mecca and one of its fastest growing cities. As the nation prepares a historic national investment, Las Vegas and Nevada offer important lessons for how to invest in customer experience, technology, energy and transportation systems. Join CityAge at a 90 minute digital event on June 1 for an important look at regional - and national - lessons in how to build the future.  

june 15

cityage: New York

Historic investments in future-oriented infrastructure are about to be made — they are essential to rebuild New York's competitiveness beyond the pandemic.
This investment must be well-targeted, using the breakthroughs in technology to advance the United States' economy, its cities and the prosperity of all Americans.
CityAge: New York — a 90 minute digital event on June 15, 2021 — will bring together the leadership network driving New York’s competitive rebound, positioning it and the United States for the next era of resilient growth.  

June 24

Sustainable Philadelphia: Protecting our Rivers

The Sustainable Philadelphia event features experts in municipal government and will explore the next generation climate changers. It will highlight the important initiatives affecting sustainable change and offer the opportunity to meet those leading the charge.

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From electric cars and renewable energy to cloud computing and AI, technology helps city dwellers work smarter, live healthier, and conserve resources. Cities such as Copenhagen, Detroit, and Tel Aviv are already successfully using technology to achieve these goals. But it's not enough.

City officials want more than examples of technological solutions: they need an evidence-based roadmap to making their cities safe, sustainable, and resilient. A roadmap that includes lessons learned from the current pandemic, centered on the social imperatives that matter most, and based on objective quantitative analysis that shows which investments work best.

smart city solutions for a riskier world

Our new study, Smart City Solutions for a Riskier World, examines how more than 170 cities around the world are harnessing technology to drive resilience, sustainability, and citizen-centricity. Our urban economists and experts have assessed the social, environmental, and economic impact of investments in smart technologies—and the solutions and strategies that work best. We have worked with a coalition of corporate, academic, and government leaders to drive this research initiative.

Our goal is to provide city leaders with an evidence-based roadmap to resilience and sustainability and open a valuable ongoing dialogue between cities and the companies that serve them.


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